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Utah Valley Turf Farms has sold over 400 million square feet of sod along the Wasatch Front since our company was established in 1965. Our sod is a custom seven-seed blend of Kentucky Bluegrass seeds that we have developed and tested for Utah's unique environment. Our sod is grown in Utah County. Growing sod in the same environment that our customers are located allows us to produce the high quality sod that we have produced for over fifty years. We utilize drought tolerant Bluegrass varieties in out seven seed blend. 

Our sod is grown, cut, stacked, and delivered with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Each piece of sod is cut into a 5.5 square feet easy to handle section. The dimensions are 20 inches wide by 40 inches long. When preparing your yard, you can estimate the sod thickness to be around one inch. Knowing this will allow enough soil depth around perimeter objects to keep the sod height where desired.

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